The Splash, 2020 - 2021
Installation with concrete, wood, acrylic paint and light.
Variable dimensions.

That is how Pierre Lévy defines virtualisation: “Virtualisation is not a derealisation, but an identity mutation. (…) Virtualisation is one of the main vectors of creating reality.” Like a dive, space-time coordinates in the virtual are wavering, in constant transit. In the water, the human body loses its weight, time has a different speed, we are drawn into a space not defined by the water itself, but by other physical borders (natural or artificial).This work interprets the virtual as a dynamic that is shared with reality, being attentive to its evanescence, mutability and individuality, as a fluctuating moment, assuming it as another way of being present. The blue is commonly associated with water, that is emphasized with the presence of the trampoline.

Installation view at Bienal Sur, at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Rosario, Argentina.