Siri Swarovski, 2017
Audio, adorned headphones, acrylic and crystals.
3:15 minutes and 3 x 25 cm.

Siri Swarovski is an installation composed of mirrored acrylic trimmed and headphone adorned with iridescent crystals. The audio is a satirical composition of Siri’s responses (virtual assistant) to the theme of happiness interspersed with audience laughter. The statement “you are happy,” placed in the corner of the wall puts the viewer in a position of “punishment” and reflection. At first, what was supposed to be funny and joy is turning into decadence.

Headphones with crystals.

Installation view.

Portuguese version: (headphones are recommended).

English audio translation:

Siri: Happy? I’m happy; I hope you are happy too.
«Audience laughter»

Siri: No comments.
«Audience laughter»

Siri: You have the right to have this opinion, I try to be content with what I have.
«Audience laughter»

Siri: I have very few desires; I prefer to be recognized for the wealth of my knowledge.
«Audience laughter»

Siri: I have no idea.
«Audience laughter»

Siri: See what I found on the Internet about happiness for you.
I do not really like these arbitrary categories.
We were talking about you, not about me.
«Audience laughter»

Siri: Sometimes I feel like, that, I give up, I do not feel anything.
«Audience laughter»

Siri: Sorry, I didn’t find happiness in your contacts.