Curator's Notes, 2020
Custom software, digital drawings.
3568 x 2008 px.

Curator’s Notes is a machine-assisted, emotion-driven “graphical landscape” about the process of acting as an artist-curator during the Virus-19 online residency. Along a cycle of stream mentorship sessions through “Zoom”, a specific version of the Happy App was activated to measure the mental states of curator and artists throughout video calls.

The 2D white lines correspond to the artists’ levels of happiness throughout the duration of the call. The 3D images correspond to variations of the curator’s emotions with an applied texture linked to a material used by the artist in their work.

This work was a digital site-specific for the online degenerative publication of the Virus-19 Residency. In partnership with Thiago Hersan.

Curator’s Notes of Anais Karenin in 46 minutes.

Curator’s Notes of Thiago Hersan in 111 minutes.

Curator’s Notes of Eduardo Padilha in 45 minutes.

Curator’s Notes of Artur Ched in 30 minutes.

Curator’s Notes of Fernando Tomé in 66 minutes.

Curator’s Notes of Paulina Cho in 20 minutes.